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[OOC] Cherry's Muse List

♥♥♥♥♥ = Very Strong/Main Muse
♥♥♥♥ = Quite Strong/Comfortable With
♥♥♥ = Average Strength/But Ready to Play
♥♥ = Below Average/May Need a Refresher
♥ = Not Very Confident/Please be Gentle

Chane Laforet | [personal profile] goldensilence
Claudia Walken | [personal profile] spotlighting
Felix Walken | [personal profile] declaired
Phil | [personal profile] bottledwater

Shu Ouma | [personal profile] voidance

Meer Campbell | [personal profile] emotionality

Aleksander of Hohenberg | [personal profile] durchlaucht
Deryn Sharp | [personal profile] airmanship

Princess Luna | [personal profile] canterlock | Previously played at [community profile] luceti

Yuichiro Hyakuya | [personal profile] revengement

Asch the Bloody | [personal profile] nopinkyswears | Previously played at [community profile] afterliving
Asch (RP!M) | [personal profile] claim_my_place Previously played at [community profile] gargleblasted & [ profile] splendorocity
Asch of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (AU) | [personal profile] bloodreign
Aslan Frings | [personal profile] trustintruce
Ginji Niecks | [personal profile] broji & [personal profile] albioreiii | Previously played at [community profile] luceti
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (Pre-spoilers)| [personal profile] raisedroyal | Previously played at [community profile] poly_chromatic & [community profile] tvk
Noir | [personal profile] stealstheshow
Tear Grants | [personal profile] nightcrossed | (Inactive)

Asbel Lhant | [personal profile] pactfulfilled | Previously played at [community profile] exsilium & [community profile] melodiesoflife
Asbel Lhant (Childhood) | [personal profile] curries | Previously played at [community profile] high_seas
Asbel Lhant (Knight Chapter/Main Arc) | [personal profile] windegarde | Previously played at [community profile] box_network
Asbel Lhant (genderswap!AU) | [personal profile] adorabel
Lambda | [personal profile] learntolive
Richard (Childhood) | [personal profile] jewelbox
Richard | [personal profile] jewelboxes

Chalcedony Akerman | [personal profile] reinheiten

Lloyd Irving | [personal profile] fixmyresolve Previously played at [ profile] memento_eden | (Inactive)
Tenebrae | [personal profile] stuffy

Driselle Sharil | [personal profile] almsgiver
Elle Mel Marta | [personal profile] kittydispatch

Edna | [personal profile] normincarena

If you'd like to join one of these AUs, by all means. I'd love to have you.

+ [personal profile] bloodreign* - (Post-game Alternate Universe) In what at first glance may appear to be a storybook ending, Asch returns to Baticul and reclaims his place as tertiary heir, later marrying his betrothed and becoming king. However, it's not as simple as all that. Some aren't so keen on having a former God-General on Kimlasca's throne, not only that, but there are still those who harbor ill will towards Duke Fabre's family for the atrocities he committed on Hod. Asch has his work cut out for him.
[Others from universe: None.]

+ [Asch fon Fabre] UNLISTED* - (Alternate Universe) Comes from a world (not Auldrant) where Asch and Luke are twin siblings. Asch ("Luke") is groomed as heir while Luke is confined to the manor. Rather than growing up ignorant, however, Luke has become quite knowledgeable about the world thanks to the interference of his brother and his personal servant, Guy. He has also sworn to aid his brother at all costs, much to Asch's continued displeasure. Those outside House Fabre are unaware of the existence of a second son, but among those in the know, there may be a deeper and darker destiny for the two boys.
[Others from universe: [personal profile] bugging^ (Luke)]

+ [personal profile] claim_my_place - (RP!Memories > Alternate Universe) Asch travels around the universe looking for a way to restore Auldrant which has been carelessly destroyed by the powers that be. He has changed his stance on identity, believing each iteration of every person to be an individual entity separate from the others. While seeking a means to save the planet, he also looks for clues as to the whereabouts of those from his own timeline.
[Others from universe: None from his timeline.; overlaps with history from [community profile] gargleblasted & [ profile] splendorocity]

+ [Reclamations!Asch] DELISTED* - (Borrowed Sandbox) Comes from a world where Guy (henceforth known as Riten the Phoenix) joins up with Van and the other God-Generals. Asch is kept in Daath as a vassal of sorts to Van, befriending Ion and remaining close at hand as a convenient link to his replica and a way to track the party's movements. Asch (courtesy of Riten) deals with his own powerlessness and reminders that he was tossed away and replaced on a near-constant basis. It's when he starts to catch wind of Van's plans and Ion's forced involvement in them that Asch begins to slowly fight back. After Luke dies at Akzeriuth, Asch decides to take matters into his own hands - he breaks Ion and Natalia out of Oracle Headquarters and they meet up with the remaining party members at Aramis Spring.
[Others from universe: [personal profile] bloodlined* (Riten)]

+ [Meryl Oakland] UNLISTED* - (Alternate Universe) Meryl and Natalia are never switched. Meryl grows up with her family, helping her mother attend to the princess, and later Luke when he is moved into the castle following his rescue from Choral Castle. Meryl sometimes went with her father on trips through the desert as a child. Because of this and his caravan stories, she gains a love of traveling, adventure, and meeting new people, and fosters a desire to help promote peace between countries. She and Badaq accompany Luke on the ambassadorial mission to Akzeriuth where they come face-to-face with a young man who looks exactly like Luke.
[Others from universe: None.]

+ [Asbel Lhant] UNLISTED* - (Alternate Universe) This is essentially the Tales of Graces "Bad End". Though Asbel never "melds" with Lambda in the same way others did, he ends up relying too heavily on the being's power thanks to his fierce desire to protect his friends. Gradually weakened by the strain on his body, Lambda is able to seize full control of Asbel just as he had previously threatened to do, and the party finds themselves forced to fight against him.

+ [Asbel Lhant] UNLISTED* - (Alternate Universe) In this universe, Asbel keeps in better touch with his friends and as a result, he graduates from the Knight Academy early and stays on with the royal guard during Archduke Cedric's plot. Catching wind of the planned assassination, Asbel goes to warn Richard and the two of them manage to escape unharmed. When they reach Wallbridge, they meet up with Cheria and Hubert who have come to offer aide and to investigate rumors about the situation in Barona. They are also met with a familiar face from their past... As time passes and the group gets closer to Barona and Cedric, Richard begins to behave strangely, and Asbel must choose either to obey his orders and rejoin his other friends or to remain at Richard's side as a knight.

*creator of universe.
^collaborative effort.

Up For Grabs/Barely Used...
Dezel | [personal profile] windriders
Sorey | [personal profile] armatizes
[personal profile] chokmah
[personal profile] grimrepair
[personal profile] nodirection
[personal profile] unsupported